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3dmentor's SUPER BUNDLE

3dmentor's SUPER BUNDLE is huge set of 3d plants for 3ds max!

This bundle including all previous collections

  • HQ Plants 1
  • HQ Plants 2
  • HQ Palms 1
  • HQ Grass 1
  • HDFlowers 3
  • HDTrees 3
  • HDTrees 4
  • HDTrees 5
  • HDTrees 6
  • HDTrees 7
  • HDTrees 8
  • HDPlants 1
  • HDPlants 2
  • HDPlants 3

Price: $599

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iToosoft Forest Pack


iToo Software’s Forest Pack is the most popular scattering plugin in the archviz industry, providing a complete solution for the creation of vast surfaces of trees, grass and plants. Forest Pack uses advanced algorithms and native shaders for the main render engines, to create scenes with virtually unlimited number of objects and polygons, with limited computer resources. Fully integrated with our plants and trees, is the best combination to 3d landscape creation.

Price: 220,00€

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