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GFX Plants 101

GFX Plants 101 is a collection of high quality coniferous plants for your 3D visualizations and animations. You can use 3d plants from the library or make your own variations in GrowFX, tweak the plant’s shape and make realistic animations. Setting up the animation is very easy and your clients will love the result!

GFX Plants 101 includes
-Larix decidua or European larch and variations
-Picea abies or Norway spruce and variations
Picea pungens or Colorado spruce and variations
-80 different plants
-200 variations for different seasons
-Shaders for Corona, FStorm and V-Ray
-4K PBR textures
-Integration with Forest Pack

GFX Plants 101 is available in GrowFX format for animations and as meshes only. 3ds Max 2017 and the latest version of GrowFX 1 for animated plants is required.

Download GFX Plants 101 PDF catalog

GFX Plants 101 release date is 1st of May. Now GFX Plants 101 is available for pre-order with 20% Off before 1st of May.